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In 2019 the trend of people looking to make a living by working online is starting to make a resurgence. With a growing economy, a stock market that keeps hitting new highs, there is a newly found enthusiasm for the industry. It seems everywhere you go online now you find there are ads boosting the riches of working from home.
With the promise of easy money, there is always a number of non-legitimate companies that pop up intending to scam the public out of there money. The FBI has also noticed the recent trend and found a 61-to-1 scam ratio of home-based internet job opportunities online. That means for every 1 legit job there are 61 not so legal offers, so it is important to know how to weed out the scams from the real offers.

Here are Some Tips on What to Look for:

1. Real Work from Home jobs never requires you to pay a fee to learn more about the job.
2. Don't answer job offers that you receive in your junk e-mail from unsolicited companies.

Type of Industries the provide Work from Home Opportunities

1. Short Links
2. Survey Taking
3. Online Writer
4. Telemarketing
5. Online Jury Duty
If you have more of a go-getter attitude you might want to try using your skills working for yourself by starting your own freelance online business. this could work out even better because you can set your own hours and schedule.

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